On Location – Steel Life Clothing
Scarlet & Amy - The Old Workshop - Steel Life Clothing

On Location – Steel Life Clothing

On Location - Steel Life Clothing - The Old Workshop - Sheffield


I was back in Sheffield with Steel Life Clothing a couple of weeks ago to shoot part of their summer collection with Amy and Scarlet. Steel Life Clothing is constantly coming out with new and exciting designs so there’s always something great to shoot when the owner Jon gives me a shout. This time we were photographing crop tops, basketball shirts, and shorts.

We shot at an amazing Vegan restaurant / bar in Kelham, Sheffield called The Old Workshop. They’d kindly let us use the venue for a few hours before opening time. It’s an amazing place with so much character and everywhere I looked there was a different style and background we could shoot against. Whoever designed this place needs a medal, it’s photographers heaven! There’s a huge skylight, so for the first time in ages, I chose not to use flash and just used the perfect natural light. The only issue was that their chef was prepping all the food for lunch and it smelt FABULOUS so I was starving by the time we’d finished!

I’d already followed the venue on Instagram so I had a vague idea of what was there. I’d seen this wall with loads of shelves and plants all over it so I knew  that definitely had to be location one. The massive skylight was directly above as well which made life really easy. In the final edit I went for a vintage faded film look, I think that look suits summer pretty well.

Right next to the first location there were some great leather armchairs so I asked Amy to get comfortable on one and took a few shots. For the whole shoot we went for a very relaxed feel

What I love about shooting with the Steel Life Clothing team is that everyone just throws ideas out there, so we spent the whole shoot with people suggesting different parts of the venue. Scarlet & Amy suggested shooting through the bars where there were some red fairy lights, good shout!

The shoot just continued in this fashion, shouting out various locations and cracking on with it

We took a coffee break and as we were relaxing I saw Scarlet leaning on the table I’d dumped my camera gear on when we walked in. The lighting and background was perfect! These are my favourite shots form the day. 

Quick outfit change and we were on to the basketball shirts.

It seems to be a running theme in the venues I’ve shot in recently. Ask the model to sit down in front of the bar, you always get an odd look but most of the time it works! It must be something about the floor getting used the most.

Massive thanks to The Old Workshop for having us, it’s a brilliant venue, and the food looked amazing! We’ll definitely be back! Here’s a few photos I took of Chef Stockdale to say thanks.

Technical Info

All shots taken with Canon 5D Mk III & Canon 50mm f/1.4

Natural light

Click on any photo to see the high-resolution version

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