In The Studio – Suzy Lee
Suzy Lee

In The Studio – Suzy Lee

In The Studio - Suzy Lee


I first met Suzy on a shoot for a friend of mine, he runs Kurb Krusher Skateboards and had just had his new batch of designs printed and needed a photographer to shoot the collection. We all piled in his car and ended up at some underground rave location about an hour away in the middle of nowhere, that was a great shoot and Suzy was brilliant!

After the shoot I’d started following Suzy on social media. I’d seen on Instagram that she was thinking of getting back in to shooting more and was looking for someone to work with. It took us a little while to get a date together but I think you’ll agree it was well worth it! We worked together in my studio and managed to shoot a bunch of different looks over the space of a few hours. Suzy is an amazing person to work with, totally down-to-earth, full of ideas, a great model, and just generally absolutely bloody awesome!

We didn’t really go into the shoot with any firm plans but I have a boudoir setup in the studio so it seemed like a reasonable place to start…

Suzy Lee

Next up were some shots on a simple seamless grey background.

I moved the bed back into position but this time I stood it on its end and used the leather as a backdrop and moved to an edgier lighting style. I’ve had an Army helmet knocking around the studio for a while and Suzy had just the right outfit to go with it!

After that we just started playing with different styles and lighting. As well as the helmet we also found an old gas mask I had, Suzy was straight on it!

Huge thanks to Suzy for spending her time with me and creating some amazing pictures, I had a brilliant time!

I can’t wait for our next shoot together, there’s already plans in the making!


Technical Info:

All shots taken with Canon 5D Mk III

Canon 24-105mm f/4 @ f8-f11

Canon 50mm f/1.4 @ Various Apertures

Lighting – Pixapro CITI600 with beauty dish, 5ft parabolic umbrella, or 90cm softbox & Lumi 400 II’s with 30cm x 120cm Strip Boxes for rim light

Final gas mask picture with 2 x Strobo Gobo’s on Yongnuo Speedlights

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