Halloween Project 2018
ThornsThorns - Halloween 2018

Halloween Project 2018

It all started as a very loosely based Halloween theme I had in my head. Grab some plastic sheet and some orange & red lights and make a bit of a cool background and shoot some of my friends. I didn’t want to tell people what to wear or how we were going to shoot, I just wanted it to be natural and free-flowing. I’d sent a few messages off to people with a rough photo of the ‘set’ I’d made & key words of Halloween, fake blood, red and orange theme and that was about it really. What people turned up to my studio with and what the shoots became was far, FAR more awesome than I’d ever imagined when I first sent those messages!

I’d like to say a massive ‘Thank You!’ to everyone who worked with me on this project. Your creativity & willingness to go absolutely crazy in the space was brilliant. I had such an amazing time creating this work with loads of wonderful people. Thank you also for your secrecy! I know it has been really difficult sitting on these photos for a month but I hope it has been worth the wait!

Thank You to ThornsThorns, Scarlet Morrigan, Joe Rogers, Rileout, Ruby_Vixen, Cherry Darling, Broken Piano, Bella Muse, & Freakior. You’re all bloody amazing!

Shoot 1 – Rileout

Rileout was the first person to get back to me and he had these amazing dolls he’d wanted to shoot with. Game on!

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Shoot 2 – Joe

Next to shoot was the amazing Joe Rodgers. Joe had never done a ‘proper’ shoot before but after a few initial nerves we settled down and he absolutely killed it!

Shoot 3 – Ruby Vixen

Next up was the incredible Ruby Vixen. I’ve shot with this amazing lady a few times before, mainly doing pole shoots, but for this shoot it was time for us to get weird!

Ruby Vixen - Halloween 2018

Shoot 4 – Stacey Gaunt

For the next session I worked with the brilliant Stacey Gaunt a.k.a Broken Piano. I met Stacey when I shot her promo photos for her band. She’s such an amazing ball of energy and positivity and I knew we were going to have a great shoot before we even started because she kept asking me about knives and ‘sharp things’!

Shoot 5 – Scarlet – Makeup by Freakior

And now for something totally different! I’d had a few chats with Scarlet about costumes but nothing prepared me (or my neighbours!) for how Scarlet turned up to the shoot! Painted head to toe in red makeup by the amazing Freakior (and legging it out of the car to avoid being spotted by the neighbours!) Scarlet looked amazing!

Shoot 6 – Cherry Darling & Rileout

Cherry Darling is no stranger to getting absolutely drenched in fake blood, she regularly works at the brilliant Yorkshire Scaregrounds. After hearing that little piece of information I knew we were in for a good shoot, especially as after that she’d asked me if she could bring ‘a victim’! You’re on! Rileout is back for his second appearance in this project covered in bruises and blood expertly done by Cherry herself. Another interesting fact for you: According to Cherry, you get some really funny looks if you walk in to Sports Direct and ask them if the sell baseball bats and balaclavas!!

Shoot 7 – ThornsThorns

Lucky number 7 – ThornsThorns favourite number, and lucky for me because I get to shoot with such an incredible & creative artist again. Throughout this project I’ve tried to give people as little direction as possible because I wanted them to just come along and explore and have creative freedom, ThornsThorns has this in spades! I’ve followed ThornsThorns for a while now, and having also shot with her before, I know she’s tremendously creative and I couldn’t wait for the shoot!

Shoot 8 – Bella Muse

Last but certainly not least I shot with the brilliant Bella Muse. Bella is a fabulous burlesque performer and a great laugh to shoot with. I’d mentioned getting covered in fake blood and that was all the encouragement she needed! I think we used more fake blood on this shoot than I did for the rest of the entire project!

That’s everything for this years project!

Again, I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the project for your talent, time, general awesomeness and your secrecy! I know it hasn’t been easy sitting on these photos for a month but I hope it’s been worth the wait!


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