On Location – Jago Movement
Jago Movement

On Location – Jago Movement

On Location - Jago Movement - Copper: The Age of Loneliness


I met Chris & Valentina, from Jago Movement, at a dance shoot I was doing with my mate Sasha. They asked me to photograph some promo shots for their upcoming show while I was there. I had no idea what the show was but as soon as they started dancing and posing I knew we were onto something special.

Jago Movement - Promo Image

The show was called ‘Copper: The Age of Loneliness’ – ‘Imagine a world of isolation, where everyone is disconnected, not really living just existing. Will you open your eyes or will they remain shut?’

Promo images shot, I saw the posters a few weeks later and they looked great!

I met up with Chris at a BBoy event at Sheffield Hallam Uni and he asked me to come and shoot the live performance in Nottingham. A few weeks later I was heading down the motorway to New College Nottingham. The space was great and the technical team were brilliant, great lighting and sound design. It’s been ages since I’ve shot with theater lights! The performance was brilliant and I can’t wait to work with these guys again. Well done everyone!

Jago Movement - Group Shot

Big thanks to the Jago Movement team for having me, I had a blast!

Technical Info:

All shots taken with Canon 5D Mk III

Promo Shots – Canon 24-105mm f/4 & Canon 50mm f/1.4

Lighting – Pixapro CITI600 with 90cm Octa & 2 x Pixapro Lumi 400 II with 120cm Strip Boxes for rim light

Performance Shots – Canon 24-105mm

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