On Location – Butterfly Fitness – Sasha
Sasha - Photoshoot

On Location – Butterfly Fitness – Sasha

On Location - Butterfly Fitness - Part 1 - Sasha

I met Sasha when I started working with Sheffield Hallam Uni Pole Fitness Society last summer. She’s a fabulous pole instructor, dancer, and all around amazing person. She was due to go in for a knee operation and was feeling a bit down in the dumps so we thought before we can’t for a while, lets do a dance photoshoot. We’d decided we weren’t going to do any pole shots this time and instead just concentrate on dance. Sasha also invited Chris & Valentina, from Jago Movement, over to join the shoot. I’d seen Sasha perform a routine at the Pole Varsity competition with Chris and it was absolutely fabulous, a really moving piece so I was really looking forward to this shoot. Here’s the pictures…

Valentina joined Sasha for a few shots as well

Thanks Sasha for a brilliant shoot 🙂

More photos coming up in Part 2

Technical Info:

All shots taken with Canon 5D Mk III & 24-105mm f/4 @ f8-f11

Lighting – Pixapro CITI600 with 90cm Octa for portraits & 2 x Pixapro LUMI 400 II with 120cm strip boxes for rim light

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