On Location – Butterfly Fitness – Sasha & Alfie
Sasha & Alfie - Photoshoot

On Location – Butterfly Fitness – Sasha & Alfie

On Location - Butterfly Fitness - Part 2 - Sasha & Alfie


Continuing on from Part 1 – Sasha also brought Alfie, her son, along with her. Alfie was absolutely brilliant, he was photobombing throughout the shoot and looked amazed at the lights going off all the time. We did a shoot of Sasha & Alfie in the downtime between the dancing. Here’s the photos…

Thanks Sasha and Alfie for shooting with me, what a brilliant afternoon 🙂

Technical Info:

All shots taken with Canon 5D Mk III & Canon 24-105mm f/4

Lighting – Pixapro CITI600 with 90cm Octa & 2 x LUMI 400 II rim lights.

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